Guess what I got for my birthday!?!?!?!

Yup. Tickets to The Swell Season! Check em out!






Last night Daren built a fort in our basement and we watched a movie in it. I love that man. He is so fun and sososososooooo wonderful.

Also i think im alergic to toby. LAME!!


I love love...

This song kinda sums it up at the moment: Click Here

We've been married for little over a month, and man is it amazing. We just moved into a new house (renting, not purchased) that is perfect for us. We've already done some entertaining too, even though there are still boxes lying around, something I hope to finish up today.

We've got some movement on the financing front, for those of you who are in the know...we hope to hear something in the next few days from our investor. He "wants to invest in this film", but we still have some things to do on our end. So here's hoping!


Sad day...

April left this morning, early, like really early, to do a wedding out in DC. Not only am I sad that she's gone for the next four days, I'm really really jealous because I love DC. I mean, that is where we first met and all...

After almost two weeks I surprisingly feel settled in. This being my second marriage I guess helps cut that time down, but I'm also happy to see that we're still in the honeymoon stage and I don't see that ending anytime soon.

Much to do today, as I too am heading out of town, a decision made after April was already planning on leaving, mind you...so I should get to it. But April, I miss you and hope to see you home safe very soon. Take many many cool pictures out there so I can try and experience it once you're home.


It's official now!

We are getting married on August 1st! Yeah, that's this Saturday. Why is it such a big deal now that its less than a week from the big day? Because as of 2 days ago we didn't know if we would be able to get married on Saturday or two months from now...long story, but we're glad that everything worked out for this Saturday so that everyone that is coming in for the wedding gets to actually celebrate our marriage to one another, not just our love for one another :)

In other news, April looked really really gorgeous today. You'd know what I was talking about if you saw her. The best part, you ask? She gets more beautiful every day. Schweet.

Family members are trickling in one by one and we are getting more and more anxious by the hour it seems. Yet I still haven't resorted to biting my long, grown out fingernails. Point - Daren.

So, thanks for all the prayers on our behalf. They have officially paid off. See you in 6 days!


Oh how i love thee

Daren and i went to see Jenny Lewis. she rocks
then a week later we went and sat on the grass on the galavan center and saw "Dial M for Murder" Love Hitchcock
Daren is wonderful. He loves to do random fun things! Daren I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!


One thing I love:

That we both enjoy just sitting next to each other doing whatever work we need to get done while watching The Office for hours on end, kissing during Hulu's 15 second commercial breaks.


THis is our favorite Picture
I think we might blow it up like 100 feet high
or not

Yes Im contributing

So..... Daren started an US blog
So im going to post a picture of our first date
Feb 14th 2005
we went and saw Hitch
and i dont think he tried to make a move at all!!!
but here is the picture. we look young and i have a floating head


Our Blog...*awwww*

ahhh...blogging. April doesn't know I created this yet, debating on whether I should tell her bout it or leave clues on the internet...hmmm.

Well, here it is, nevertheless. More to come, I'm sure...

Oh, and 20 days till our wedding...