It's official now!

We are getting married on August 1st! Yeah, that's this Saturday. Why is it such a big deal now that its less than a week from the big day? Because as of 2 days ago we didn't know if we would be able to get married on Saturday or two months from now...long story, but we're glad that everything worked out for this Saturday so that everyone that is coming in for the wedding gets to actually celebrate our marriage to one another, not just our love for one another :)

In other news, April looked really really gorgeous today. You'd know what I was talking about if you saw her. The best part, you ask? She gets more beautiful every day. Schweet.

Family members are trickling in one by one and we are getting more and more anxious by the hour it seems. Yet I still haven't resorted to biting my long, grown out fingernails. Point - Daren.

So, thanks for all the prayers on our behalf. They have officially paid off. See you in 6 days!

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