4HB Challenge - Week 1 Weigh In!

So here's what happened over the last week: (new values are in bold)


Weight: 163.8 lbs > 164.6 lbs

Body Fat: 22.9% > 20.3%

Total Fat: 37.5 lbs > 33.4 lbs

Lean Mass: 126.3 lbs > 131.2 lbs

I'm a little unsure about the accuracy of our original weigh ins, after looking at the numbers this morning. According to the data, I lost 4 pounds of fat and gained 5 pounds of muscle... possible? Maybe, but I've never swung that much in my life. I like the idea of losing almost 3% body fat in one week though... Now on to April!


Weight: 124.4 lbs > 122.6 lbs

Body Fat: 29.9% > 28.5

Total Fat: 37.2 lbs > 35.5 lbs

Lean Mass: 87.2 lbs > 87.5 lbs

April weighed in one day at 121 lbs, so again the accuracy of the scale is in question, probably gonna replace with fresh batteries before next weigh in so it's as accurate as possible, but she is looking and feeling great. My guess is that she breaks the 120 barrier this week, but we'll see.

What's really important is who lost the most body fat percentage, and there is an obvious winner this week. We'll see if I can hold on strong!

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